About Us

Say1st Brand and Say1st.com Website is Part of Etherminds having it Reg. Office in New Delhi INDIA.

Say1st is a Unique Endeavor to Present Products with High "Prospect/Buyer as a User_Family_Member" Approach with Interaction, Support and Product Backing right from Presentation of Products to the Entire Cycle of Order, Transit, Delivery and Active Usage.

Say1st presently offers a Range of Mobile Digital Video Recorder to be used in Car, Buses, Trucks, Cabs and any Vehicle to keep a Video Record of its Usage. The Vehicle if Self Driven would present a Record of Accident or Incidence and Corroborate your Version of the happenings. For Commercial Fleets and Vehicles, one can keep a check on usage rather possible misuse and abuse of trust on part of Drivers or Attendants.

Say1st can offer the "Very Best - Vehicle Grade - One Model - Does all", but that would be expensive. Basic Models are required for new users to get acquainted with the possible utility of a Car Cam type Security Safe Guard.

Say1st.com website offers Vehicle Video Recorder at all Price Range starting with Low Cost Simple feature Car Cam DVRs to Technically the "Perfect" Car Cams. Say1st is confident of its Offering and Every Products is backed by

A) One Month - No Question Asked Return Policy - Say1st will deduct 20% as Cost towards Handling, Courier & Repackaging.

B) First Six Month - Replacement Warranty, Send us the Non Working Unit and Receive a Fresh One - Except for Physical Damaged Units

C) Next Six Month - Repair Warranty, Send us the Non Working Piece and Receive a Standby Piece or Wait to Receive the Repaired Piece - Except were Unit is Physically Damaged.

D) After One Year - Exchange at 25% Value - Example a Rs 5500/- Unit will still be worth Rs. 1375/- as Exchange-Upgrade Value for all times to come.

We hope to keep Growing our Family by the Day Hour and Minutes.


Sales & Order Stats

Time Model Name City Status
April, 25 ICEE720 95° FoV Raj Surat Process
April, 25 SAYF1080 135° FoV Sheta... Delhi Process
April, 25 VZON720 90° FoV Rudra... Shillong Process
April, 25 IEVA1080 120° FoV Chand... Shillong Process
April, 25 ICEE720 95° FoV Josha... Lucknow Process
April, 24 SAYF1080 135° FoV Dhenu... Chennai Process
April, 24 IEVA1080 120° FoV Mohan... Guwahati Net Banking
April, 24 SAYF1080 135° FoV Aksho... Delhi Cash Card
April, 24 ICEE720 95° FoV Sheta... Pune Credit Card
April, 24 IEVA1080 120° FoV Rudra... Delhi Credit Card