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360° Panoramic View
  • Single Lens Front Car Camera with Night Vision WDR
  • 135° Field Of View
  • Day Quality  Highest 8/10 :: Night Quality Best 6/10
  • MOV at 1920 x 1080  30 fps Size Approx 95MB Per Minute
  • TFT Screen: 2.7 Inch Display
  • Support up to 32GB Micro SD
  • Rs. 5550

Early Morning Driving Sample Recording [Say1st Videos]

Day Time Driving Recording [Say1st Videos]

Night Time Driving Recording [Say1st Videos]

Car Camera Un-Boxing [Videos from YouTube Contributors]

Say1st SAYF is the Best in Class 1080p Front View Car Camera with a Extreme Wide View. On a Sedan SAYF Records much more front Road Driving view than one would see from their driving seat.

Priced at Rs 6500/- The Quality is Highest found in any Car Camera priced in 4 Digits. If one demands Video Quality then this is the one Car Cam you should have.

The SAYF Car DVR Offered here Comes with WDR Technology backed by a Novatek Processor with H.264 Codec meaning Highest Quality in Reasonable Pricing.

The Driving View is a Good 130 ~ 140 Degree Range thus Records more than what one sees in Front.

The File Size is MOV Format at 95Mb +  per Minute of Recording.

Day Time Quality is Highest - Quality is Capable of Noting License Plates and Faces of Passer-byes albeit at low speeds. Kindly Watch the Day Time Videos and notice most of Road side Signage's & Hoardings as clear. Say1st SAYF is WDR* Capable The Night Time Quality is Best that can be achieved, Please Re-watch Sample Recording Videos for an Exactly Judgement.

[WDR* - Wide Dynamic Range is a Image Processing Concept wherein simultaneous exposure are taken and used to better present Night Time Video Recording with balancing between Direct Glare from Head-Light Tail-Lights and Low illuminated Views. WDR Videos as closest to what a Human eye would Notice. In Low Light Conditions SAYF Records 95% of what a Human eye sees.] 

Say1st is Your " Best Friend" Vendor, we present quality which we our-self find acceptable. Say1st endeavors to Qualitative Present the Features of its Car Cameras & DVR's for Correct Appraisal by User Buyers. SAYF is our Best Offerings as of 2015 for Front View Car Cams.

RETURN POLICY - 30 Days from Receiving - No Question Asked Return with 80% Refund - 20% Lessened towards Carrier & Refurbishing Charges
REPLACEMENT POLICY - First 6 Months - If its Not Physically Damaged Send us Back and Get a Fresh Piece.
REPAIR POLICY - 6 Months Onwards to a Full Year - Not Physically Damaged, Send to us, Get Repaired Piece Back

Broken / Damaged by Force, Heat or Liquid - Repair Charges Applicable
Manufacturer Specifications
  • 8.5 x 4.9 x 3.6 cm
Package1 Unit  -  DVR [Fixed TFT] with Suction Cup Mounting
1 No.  -  Car Charger for Cigarette Lighter Port
1 No.  -  Short USB Cable
1 No.  -  Instruction Manuals / Warranty Card

HDMI Cable - Not Included
AV Cable - Not Included
MicroSD Card - Not Included
  1. CHIP  -  Novatek
  2. TYPE  -  Single Front Cam
  4. CODEC  -  H.264
  5. LENS  -  135 ~ 140 Degree Horizontal
  6. LCD  -  2.7 Inch TFT
  8. VIDEO SIZE  -  Average 95 Mb Per Min
  9. PICTURE  -  JPG
  10. VIDEO RESOLUTION  -  Recommended 1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps
  11. GSENSOR  -  Recommended Off
  12. AUDIO  -  Mic & Speakers
  13. BATTERIES  -  InBuilt Nominal 300 mAH
  14. MEMORY CARD  -  MicroSD upto 32 GB
  • NO
  • USB / HDMI / AV / TV-Out
Q U I C K  M E N U ______________________________________________________________

:: SET DATE / TIME :: Press [Menu] Button TWICE - Press [Forward] Button Once for Set Date/ Time - Press [OK]
- Change Value by Pressing Forward or Back Button - Press [OK] to Move between Selection - Press [MENU] To Exit 

Dont Worry if you Reset the Device to See a Foreign Language / Chinese Language Menu

:: SET LANGUAGE :: Press [Menu] Button TWICE - Press [Forward] Button 3 Times for Set Language
- Press [OK] for Sub Menu of Language - Select English Language by Forward / Back Button - Press [OK] to Confirm and Exit


This Particular Model Comes with a Novatek 96650 Chip with WDR ability [Chip determines the Menu one Sees. Most Chinese Cams of a Certain Model Look can have Similar Looking Peices with High Variations in Quality of Moulding, Ports Provided, TFT , LENSy, Processors, Codecs and Lastly Quality of Board, Circuitry, Components & Workmanship.]

Hold the Model with the Fixed Type 2.7 TFT Facing towards you.

  • The Device has on Top from Left to Right the Port AV , USB and HDMI
  • Left Side had MicroSD Slot and Power On Light Indicator
  • Right Side has the Buttons LOCK on Front
  • Bottom has [ ON / OFF ][ MENU ][ REC / SNAP ]
  • The Other Side has the Buttons  [ DOWN ][ UP ][ MODE ]
  • Device has a internal Battery, Press [ ON / OFF ]
On Switching on the First Screen 

For Menu Press [MENU] Once - Button located at 2nd from Left at Bottom Side of Unit

The First Menu [Part 1 of 3] Has Resolution, Loop recording, WDR and Exposure

- Scrolling with Arrow Keys brings

First Menu [Part 2 of 3] Which Has
Motion Detection, Record Audio, Date Stamp, Parking guard

- further scroll brings up

First Menu [Part 3 of 3] has GSensor


Pressing the [MENU] Button Twice brings up the Second Menu whose 
Second Menu [Part 1 of 3] Shows Date/Time, Auto Power Off, Beep Sound, Language, 

Scrolling with Arrow Keys brings
Second Menu
[Part 2 of 3] Showing Frequency, IR LED, Carplate, Format, 

further below
Second Menu
[Part 3 of 3] Shows Default Setting, Screen Saver and Lastly Version

Expanding the Above Menus The Below Options can be Selected.

First Menu [Part 1 of 3] - Resolution

First Menu [Part 1 of 3] - Loop recording

First Menu [Part 1 of 3] - WDR

First Menu [Part 1 of 3] - Exposure

First Menu [Part 2 of 3] - Motion Detection

First Menu [Part 2 of 3] - Record Audio

First Menu [Part 2 of 3] - Date Stamp

First Menu [Part 2 of 3] - Parking guard

First Menu [Part 3 of 3] - GSensor

Similarly the Second Set of Menus Shows the following Options
Second Menu
[Part 1 of 3] - Date/Time

Second Menu
[Part 1 of 3] - Auto Power Off

Second Menu [Part 1 of 3] - Beep Sound

Second Menu [Part 1 of 3] - Language

Second Menu [Part 2 of 3] - Frequency

Second Menu [Part 2 of 3]  - IR LED

Second Menu [Part 2 of 3]  - Carplate

Second Menu [Part 2 of 3] - Format

Second Menu [Part 3 of 3] - Default Setting

Second Menu [Part 3 of 3] - Screen Saver

Second Menu [Part 3 of 3] - Version LIVE STORE

Sales & Order Stats

Time Model Name City Status
April, 25 ICEE720 95° FoV Raj Surat Process
April, 25 SAYF1080 135° FoV Sheta... Delhi Process
April, 25 VZON720 90° FoV Rudra... Shillong Process
April, 25 IEVA1080 120° FoV Chand... Shillong Process
April, 25 ICEE720 95° FoV Josha... Lucknow Process
April, 24 SAYF1080 135° FoV Dhenu... Chennai Process
April, 24 IEVA1080 120° FoV Mohan... Guwahati Net Banking
April, 24 SAYF1080 135° FoV Aksho... Delhi Cash Card
April, 24 ICEE720 95° FoV Sheta... Pune Credit Card
April, 24 IEVA1080 120° FoV Rudra... Delhi Credit Card