Product Detail

MODEL - F1000 2.4 TFT 80° FoV

360° Panoramic View
  • Single Cam Front View Driving Recorder 
  • 80° Field Of View
  • Day Quality Okay  :: Night Quality Not Bad
  • AVI at 1080 x 1440 P  30 fps Size Approx 178MB Per Minute
  • TFT Screen: 2.4 Inch Display
  • Support up to 32GB Standard SD card
  • Rs. 4200

UN-Boxing the F1000 [Video from Youtube Contributors]

Day Time Driving with a F1000 [Say1st Videos]

F1000 with its Sleek and Angular look is Designed to Show Off and Not be Show at the Same Time. The F1000 Unique Shape makes the Device fully Visible from the Inside of the Vehicle and less Visible from the Outside.

The Day quality is fairly acceptable - The Night Quality not bad.

No Matter what combination of Lens and Processor being offered, the F1000 seems pricey. One can definitely get a better CarCam at the price asked for the F1000. Showpiece Wife or a Good House Wife. Frankly one would want both and can do that with Car Cameras, so get this one for your "other car" the one your family does not know about. You gets the idea. [Please Pardon us if your are a She - Just Replace the Wife Word with Husband]

For the ones looking for performance we suggest our offering be compared. The Sample Video we took on a Unit having Novatek Processor at 1920 x 1440 made a whooping 175+ Mb per Minute of AVI File at 30 Frame per Second with MotionJPEG Encoding. If you dont understand the tech word it means "Not Good" as a 8 GB Class 6 MicroSd [which is the ones normally sold in India] will Store only last 45 Minutes of Recording with Possibility of Jerks & Jitters. Unit will be prone to over heating in Summers and can Freeze during use requiring frequent Reset. 

The Unit at Times does not Start Auto Record - Press ReSet Button to Start.

The Design give less flexibility in giving direction to the Shooting View. Longevity of Device if sold without warranty by any Seller in India will be questionable.

Bottom Line. Looking for Attractive Companion Friend to Drive around, Nice you can get the F1000. Looking for Life Partner, then please Look further.
Manufacturer Specifications
  1. DVR UNIT  - 12.0 x 6.0 x 3.5 Cm
  2. DVR WEIGHT  -  80 Gram
  3. COLOR  -  Metallic Black
  4. ORIGIN - China
Package1 Unit  -  DVR [Fixed TFT] with Suction Cup Mounting
1 No.  -  Car Charger for Cigarette Lighter Port
1 No.  -  Short USB Cable
1 No.  -  Instruction Manuals [Chinese Style]
  1. CHIP  -  Novatek
  2. TYPE  -  Single Front Cam
  4. CODEC  -  MJPG
  5. LENS  -  80 ~ 90 Degree Horizontal
  6. LCD  -  2.4 Inch TFT
  8. VIDEO SIZE  -  175 Mb Per Min
  9. PICTURE  -  JPG
  10. VIDEO RESOLUTION  -  Recommended 1440 x 1080 @30 fps
  11. GSENSOR  -  No
  12. AUDIO  -  Mic & Speakers
  13. BATTERIES  -  InBuilt Nominal Rechargable
  14. MEMORY CARD  -  MicroSD upto 32 GB
  • NO
  • USB / HDMI / TV-Out

Q U I C K  M E N U ______________________________________________________________

:: SET DATE / TIME :: Press [3-Menu] Button TWICE - Press [Forward] Button Once for Set Date/ Time - Press [4-OK]
- Change Value by Pressing Forward or Back Button - Press [4-OK] to Move between Selection - Press [3-MENU] To Exit 

Don't Worry if you Reset the Device to See a Foreign Language / Chinese Language Menu

:: SET LANGUAGE :: Press [3-Menu] Button TWICE - Press [Forward] Button 4 Times for Set Language
- Press [4-OK] for Sub Menu of Language - Select English Language by Forward / Back Button - Press [4-OK] to Confirm and Exit


F1000 Offered by Say1st comes with Novatek 96220 Processor.

Switched On for First Screen

For Menu Press [MENU] Once - Button located on Top Left - (TFT facing the Viewer)

The First Menu [Part 1 of 2] Has Resolution, Loop recording, Exposure and Motion Detection

- further Scroll brings up

First Menu [Part 2 of 2] Which Has Record Audio, Date Stamp

Pressing the [MENU] Button Twice brings up the Second Menu whose 
Second Menu [Part 1 of 3] Shows Date/Time, Auto Power Off, Beep Sound, Language,

Scrolling with Arrow Keys brings
Second Menu [Part 2 of 3] Shows TV Mode, Frequency, Image Rotation, Lamp setting

and Lastly the Second Menu [Part 3 of 3] Shows Format, Default setting, Format, Defaut Setting

Expanding the Above Menus The Below Options can be Selected.

First Menu [Part 1 of 2] - Resolution

First Menu [Part 1 of 2] - Loop recording 

First Menu [Part 1 of 2] - Exposure

First Menu [Part 1 of 2] - Motion Detection 

First Menu [Part 2 of 2] - Record Audio

First Menu [Part 2 of 2] - Date Stamp

Second Menu [Part 1 of 3] - Date/Time

Second Menu [Part 1 of 3] - Auto Power Off

Second Menu [Part 1 of 3] - Beep Sound

Second Menu [Part 1 of 3] - Language

Second Menu [Part 2 of 3] - TV Mode

Second Menu [Part 2 of 3] - Frequency

Second Menu [Part 2 of 3] - Image Rotation

Second Menu [Part 2 of 3] - Lamp setting

Second Menu [Part 3 of 3] - Format

Second Menu [Part 3 of 3] - Default setting

Second Menu [Part 3 of 3] - Version LIVE STORE

Sales & Order Stats

Time Model Name City Status
April, 25 ICEE720 95° FoV Raj Surat Process
April, 25 SAYF1080 135° FoV Sheta... Delhi Process
April, 25 VZON720 90° FoV Rudra... Shillong Process
April, 25 IEVA1080 120° FoV Chand... Shillong Process
April, 25 ICEE720 95° FoV Josha... Lucknow Process
April, 24 SAYF1080 135° FoV Dhenu... Chennai Process
April, 24 IEVA1080 120° FoV Mohan... Guwahati Net Banking
April, 24 SAYF1080 135° FoV Aksho... Delhi Cash Card
April, 24 ICEE720 95° FoV Sheta... Pune Credit Card
April, 24 IEVA1080 120° FoV Rudra... Delhi Credit Card