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360° Panoramic View
  • Car Security Camera for India
  • Wide 115° Front Field Of View
  • AVI at 1280 x 720  30 fps Size Approx 120~140 MB Per Minute
  • TFT Screen: 2.7 Inch Display
  • MicroPhone & Speakers
  • Loop Recording on Micro SD Card Upto 32 GB
  • Rs. 3304
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  • Say1st Sold Products Comes with First 6 Months Replacement & Next 6 Months Repair Warranty

Early Morning Driving Recording Sample [Say1st Videos]

Day Time Driving Recording [Say1st Videos]

Night Time Driving Recording [Say1st Videos]

UnBoxing the VON [GS8000] Front Driving Recorder [ Videos from YouTube Contributors]

Offer any Product in India [like our Car Cameras] and the First Question is whats the Price - Under Rs 2500/- OK - So its within my means, Now tell me more.

The Above is the Approach to any Product line is as one needs to know how much they are "risking' in trying out something new, Car Cameras being No different. The Say1st Approach is to Educate our Clients as if we would explain our passion to our Friends 

Say1st VZON Car Camera Offered here Comes with a GeneralPlus Processor know for Basic Quality with Low Pricing. 

Recording is 720P at 30 Frame Per Second or HD 1080P at 24 Frame Per Second.

The Front Road Driving View is a Good 115 ~ 120 Degree Range thus Records ALL of what one sees in Front from his Car Driving Seat. .

The File Size is AVI Format at 120~140Mb +  per Minute of Recording.

Day and Night Time Quality is Good. Kindly Watch one of the Many Sample Driving Videos for Day n Night Time Recording Capabilities.

Car Camera Model VZON Video Quality Corroborated Sequence of Happening

Most Car Cameras & DVR's come with Low Capacity Batteries and Units have to be connected to a Power source at all Times.   

Say1st is a " Best Friend" Vendor and would Qualitative Present the Features of the Products for Correct Appraisal by User Buyers. Say1st Car Camera & DVR Model VZON is our Lowest Prices Offering which comes with

RETURN POLICY - 30 Days from Receiving - No Question Asked Return with 80% Refund - 20% Lessened towards Carrier & Refurbishing Charges
REPLACEMENT POLICY - First 6 Months - If its Not Physically Damaged Send us Back and Get a Fresh Piece.
REPAIR POLICY - 6 Months Onwards to a Full Year - Not Physically Damaged, Send to us, Get Repaired Piece Back

Broken / Damaged by Force, Heat or Liquid - Repair Charges Applicable

All Say1st Car Cameras Unit Sold As is Without Installation and Price Does not Include MicroSD Card.

Manufacturer Specifications
  1. DVR UNIT  - 8.7 x 4.7 x 3.5 Cm
  2. DVR WEIGHT  -  70 Gram
  3. COLOR  -  Black
  4. ORIGIN - China
Package1 Unit  -  DVR [Fixed TFT] with Suction Cup Mounting
1 No.  -  Car Charger for Cigarette Lighter Port
1 No.  -  Short USB Cable
1 No.  -  Instruction Manuals / Warranty Card
  1. CHIP  -  GeneralPlus
  2. TYPE  -  Car Security Camera 
  4. CODEC  -  M-JPEG
  5. LENS  -  115 ~ 120 Degree Horizontal
  6. LCD  -  2.7 Inch TFT
  8. VIDEO SIZE  -  Average 135 Mb Per Min
  9. PICTURE  -  JPG
  10. VIDEO RESOLUTION  -  720 @ 30 fps n 1080 @ 30 fps
  11. GSENSOR  - Present
  12. AUDIO  -  Mic & Speakers
  13. BATTERIES  -  InBuilt Nominal 80 ~ 230 mAh
  14. MEMORY CARD  -  MicroSD upto 32 GB
  • NO
  • USB / HDMI / AV
Q U I C K  M E N U ______________________________________________________________

:: SET DATE / TIME :: Press [Menu] Button TWICE - Press [Forward] Button Once for Set Date/ Time - Press [REC]
- Change Value by Pressing Forward or Back Button - Press [REC] to Move between Selection - Press [MENU] To Exit 

Dont Worry if you Reset the Device to See a Foreign Language / Chinese Language Menu

:: SET LANGUAGE :: Press [Menu] Button TWICE - Press [Forward] Button 4 Times for Set Language
- Press [REC] for Sub Menu of Language - Select English Language by Forward / Back Button - Press [REC] to Confirm and Exit


VZON Offered by Say1st [Across Version Menu Style remains 90% Similar] 

Switched On for First Screen

For Menu Press [MENU] Once - Button located on Top Left - (TFT facing the Viewer)

The First Menu [Part 1 of 2] Has Resolution, Loop recording, Exposure and Motion Detection

- further Scroll brings up

First Menu [Part 2 of 2] Which Has Record Audio, Date Stamp, G-Sensor Sensitivity

Pressing the [MENU] Button Twice brings up the Second Menu whose 
Second Menu [Part 1 of 4] Shows Date/Time, Auto Power Off, Beep Sound, Language,

Scrolling with Arrow Keys brings
Second Menu [Part 2 of 4] Shows TV Mode, Frequency, Lcd off, Lamp setting

further below
Second Menu [Part 3 of 4] Shows Image rotation, Plate number setting, Format, Defaut Setting

and Lastly the Second Menu [Part 4 of 4] Shows Version

Expanding the Above Menus The Below Options can be Selected.

First Menu [Part 1 of 2] - Resolution

First Menu [Part 1 of 2] - Loop recording 

First Menu [Part 1 of 2] - Exposure

First Menu [Part 1 of 2] - Motion Detection 

First Menu [Part 2 of 2] - Record Audio

First Menu [Part 2 of 2] - Date Stamp

First Menu [Part 2 of 2] - G-Sensor Sensitivity

Second Menu [Part 1 of 4] - Date/Time

Second Menu [Part 1 of 4] - Auto Power Off

Second Menu [Part 1 of 4] - Beep Sound

Second Menu [Part 1 of 4] - Language

Second Menu [Part 2 of 4] - TV Mode

Second Menu [Part 2 of 4] - Frequency

Second Menu [Part 2 of 4] - Lcd off

Second Menu [Part 2 of 4] - Lamp setting

Second Menu [Part 3 of 4] - Image rotation

Second Menu [Part 3 of 4] - Plate number setting

Second Menu [Part 3 of 4] - Format

Second Menu [Part 3 of 4] - Default Setting

Second Menu [Part 4 of 4] - Version



VZON is a Digital High Definition In-Vehicle Video Camera Recorder with advanced technology to be used as a Front Driving Recorder.

It can record the HD image with Full HD 1920*1080P, take picture of 5 Mega Pixels.

Insert a MicroSD TF card for Storage on device.

Compared with the traditional video camera, this one can record more perfect video image, the video can be transferred by HDMI transmission wire directly to the high quality LED TV for high resolution LIVE STORE

Sales & Order Stats

Time Model Name City Status
April, 25 ICEE720 95° FoV Raj Surat Process
April, 25 SAYF1080 135° FoV Sheta... Delhi Process
April, 25 VZON720 90° FoV Rudra... Shillong Process
April, 25 IEVA1080 120° FoV Chand... Shillong Process
April, 25 ICEE720 95° FoV Josha... Lucknow Process
April, 24 SAYF1080 135° FoV Dhenu... Chennai Process
April, 24 IEVA1080 120° FoV Mohan... Guwahati Net Banking
April, 24 SAYF1080 135° FoV Aksho... Delhi Cash Card
April, 24 ICEE720 95° FoV Sheta... Pune Credit Card
April, 24 IEVA1080 120° FoV Rudra... Delhi Credit Card