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360° Panoramic View
  • Dual Camera with GPS Logger
  • 120° Front 140° Cabin Field Of View
  • Proprietary Videos at 1280 x 480 30 FPS
  • TFT Screen: 2.7 Inch Display
  • MicroPhone & Speakers
  • Loop Recording on Micro SD Card Upto 32 GB
  • Rs. 6018
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Say1st Dual Lens Model TWOO

Say1st TWOO - Night Time Sample Videos

Say1st TWOO Dual Car Camera has to be owned to be believed. Extremely Popular the World over specially for Chauffeur Driven Cars or Taxis, this Dual Car Camera gives accurate View of happenings [On the Road & the Driver Side] specially if Vehicle is Involved in an incidence.

Pardon the Lenghty Writeup - as the Unit is But Technical to Handle

VIDEO - Loop Records on a MicroSD Card be it 8 16 or 32 GB Preferably Class 6 or Above.  The MicroSD Slot is under the Flap on Side of the Unit.
Unit have Four Buttons around the Display Side Camera, "Power On" Button towards Top Right [It also helps select Cam1 or Cam 2 or Both] and "OK" Button on Bottom Side Left. Field of View is Wide, Videos are made at 480p Resolution, During Night Time one can Additionally put Infrared LED inside Car for Cabin Side Visible Videos [ All Camera Require IR Lights to Record in Dark Room / Cabin - Putting IR on Camera Limits view thus Putting in Car is Suggested for all-round IR illuminated View]
Press   & Release Power On Button Couple of Seconds to Power On Unit, on 1st Run it will ask to Format the Memory Card.  This is Important as Unit will Write a Video Player File [X2Player.exe] onto the Memory Card. This Software will Run Video from this Unit on to a PC which can then be exported.

MOUNT - The Suction Cup Mount will Attach to the Detachable Holder on to the Unit - Best Place to Put up Dual Cam is  on Front WindScreen - Closest to The Rear View Mirror. Dont worry if It takes a Bit of Moving around for you to Find a Spot to your Liking. Only Precaution is to make the Suction Cup bit Moist and Press Really Hard before Locking the Suction Cup Lever in Place. Unit is bit heavy and could loosen and fall if not pressed Securely in place.

GPS - GPS Antenna is afixed with the Holding Clip towards "bottom" The Antenna stuck on the Top Most of WindScreen - It will take few minutes to start detecting the Data and Unit will Show "GPS" Indication on Bottom and "Speed" on Top of Display - To Detach GPS Antenna Press Holding Clip [Not Possible with Hand] and Pull Lightly. 

MENU - Press MENU Button for Menu Options - Most Options Except Date Time don't require to be changed, GSENSOR which locks file while sensing an impact  would block Space on Memory Card, Say1st Recommend GSENSOR as Off. 

BATTERY -  Although inbuilt Battery could run the Unit for an hour if Fully Charged but Continuous Use with Display ON does not Give Unit time to "ReCharge" itself at the Same time , Thus For Prolonged Use all Car Camera Units have to be Connected to the Car Charger at all Times. Combination of Simultaneous Use / Charge and Heat of the DashBoard will Shorten Battery Standby time very fast. All Li-Ion Batteries will fade when expose to Heat, do detach Unit if "Parked Car" is expected to heat up excessively due to day time sunlight. 

RETRIEVING DATA - MicroSD card is to be Removed and assessed thru a Card Reader on a Computer - It Will Show ONLY ONE FILE "X2Player.exe" which can be clicked to run or saved on PC and then RUN. The Program open a Software which can then Show Successive Videos in Dual or Single Mode - Computer connected to Internet will read and Map the GPS Data "Approximately" to the Locality. You Can Flip / Export / Move Back n Forth etc. 

Today's Age of Internet and Streaming Videos has made people like HD Quality - But that would take space - 480p takes less space. Please Choose this unit if acceptable videos is what you need.  

Manufacturer Specifications
  1. DVR UNIT  - 13.0 x 5.0 x 3.5 Cm
  2. DVR WEIGHT  -  100 Gram
  3. COLOR  -  Grey
  4. ORIGIN - China
Package1 Unit  -  DVR [Fixed TFT] with Bracket & Suction Cup Mounting 
1 No.  -  Car Charger for Cigarette Lighter Port
1 No.  -  Short USB Cable
1 No.  -  GPS Antenna Module With Spare Sticky Pads
1 No.  -  Instruction Manual
  1. CHIP  -  SQ
  2. TYPE  -  DUAL LENS Taxi Camera 
  4. CODEC  -  M-JPEG
  5. LENS  -  120 & 140 Degree Horizontal
  6. LCD  -  2.7 Inch TFT
  7. NIGHT SUPPORT  -  Low Lux Ability for the Price
  8. VIDEO SIZE  -  Average 60~80 Mb Per Min
  9. PICTURE  -  JPG
  10. VIDEO RESOLUTION  -  1280 x 480 30FPS
  11. GSENSOR  - Present
  12. AUDIO  -  Mic & Speakers
  13. BATTERIES  -  InBuilt Polymer Li-Ion 500 mAh
  14. MEMORY CARD  -  MicroSD upto 32 GB
  • YES [Logger]

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